The Brothers

The Adobe Brothers (and their respective day names, given by their mothers to avoid confusion) are:

Jacoby Adobe (Jimmy Abraham) on vocals, guitar, fiddle, and harmonica -  Jacoby has written many fine songs and has had four winning songs featured on the Walnut Valley Festival New Song Showcase. He has taught harmonica workshops at the Winfield, KA festival and the Albuquerque Folk Festival.

Moby Adobe (Wayne Shrubsall) on vocals, banjo, and guitar -  Moby is one of the best banjo players around and has performed on-stage and recorded with some of the legends in Bluegrass music. He is a long time columnist for the Banjo Newsletter.

Pierogi Adobe (Terry Bluhm) on vocals and bass - Pierogi is among the most sought after bass & guitar players in New Mexico.  Although one might think he’d bring an eastern European flavor to the band, they’d be wrong.  His musical influence is primarily eastern Albuquerquean.

Toby Adobe (Bruce Thomson) on vocals, fiddle, and guitar -  Toby has won contests in Bluegrass and Old Time fiddle styles, written columns on traditional music for folk music and dance organizations, and has composed some fine fiddle tunes.

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