What A Band!

The Adobe Brothers is a band of identical quadruplets born to different mothers a long time ago.  They began playing together as a band in 1979 shortly after their mothers kicked them out of their homes.  They started playing in local restaurants and bars in northern New Mexico and moved up to playing concerts, street fairs, and music festivals throughout the southest.  Their initial musical preference consisted of old time fiddle music, Bluegrass, and folk music of North America, but this has subsequently expanded to Western Swing, Celtic, blues, and whatever else might be fun to play.  Perhaps the greatest musical continuity throughout their existence as a band has been playing for contra and square dances; the Adobe Brothers are recognized as one of the top New Mexican contra dance bands.

Though the Brothers’ musical style might be best categorized as Americana, a typical performance will include tunes and songs from a half dozen countries, as well as material ranging from 19th century Child Ballads to original compositions by the boys. The Brothers refer to their music as “International Bluegrass.”  Their fundamental musical philosophy is “if it sounds good and is fun to play, we’ll play it.”  Their song/tune list has over 200 titles on it and they’ll often draw from another 200 pieces that they forgot to add to the list.

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